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Discovery, design, development

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Our process

Venture Building & Product Development Timeline

Stage 1


Market Exploration & Idea Validation & Research

Market trends, competitor analysis

Personas identification, customer journey mapping

Ideas identification

Tomas Ivan
Head of Product
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Stage 2


Solution Identification and Design Testing

Solution definition and features prioritization

UX/UI design prototype

Usability testing with potential customers

Josef Slavicek
Design Team Lead
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Stage 3

Minimum Viable Product

1st Product Scope and Beyond

MVP definition & Go-to-Market strategy

Business models

IT architecture definition

Post-MVP product roadmap

Tomas Ivan
Head of Product
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Stage 4


Move Fast and Move Smart

Agile approach

Accelerated development process via existing components

David Zadrazil
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Stage 5

Continuous Development

Right Challenges for Further Expansion

User data analytics

UX/UI design prototyping

User feedback collection, usability testing, A/B testing

Lukáš Burkoň
Lukas Burkon
Growth Marketer
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Additional Services

Use DisruptiveTechnologies for Rapid Growth

Pet Store Loyalty App

Mobile loyalty app for one of the biggest pet stores in central Europe. Tailored to its user's needs, the platform allows customers to view current offers, use discount coupons and stay informed of current deals.


Monthly users

Parcel Send & Delivery Service

Packeta Group is one of the leading logistics companies in Europe, providing delivery parcel services for almost 46,000 shops with over 139,000 pick-up points in 33 countries worldwide.


Monthly users

Digital Legacy Planning Service

No one knows what will happen to their digital assets when they die. GoodTrust empowers you to smoothly and securely organize your digital life and assets. GoodTrust also makes it easy to protect your legacy with an online will-based estate plan and more.


Monthly users

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