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Digital Innovations - Venture Builder Partner - AI Integrations

Trusted partner for your innovations

Solve the right problem for the right target with the right team


Our 360° approach takes you from a powerful idea to brilliant digital product.

Problems you face

Not knowing WHAT and HOW to build

Missing clarity among overwhelming amount of customer data, lacking expertise in startup world, building too complex products

Product-Market Fit

Wrong target audience and market, wrong features, incorrect business model, rotting old products need newer version, unstable customer loyalty

Inaccurate funds allocation

High development and hiring costs, problematic budget and inaccurate cost estimation

Team issues

Missing internal capacities, lacking niche experts, insufficient and challenging hiring

Risk Aversion & Speed

Losing the momentum because of innovation paralysis and long bureaucratic processes

Staying relevant

Constant and rapid change is needed with the emergence of new disruptive technologies, AI Integration

That's where the Cleevio comes in!

Tangible outcomes and benefits

Achieve substantial cost savings of 30-40% compared to in-house teams when implementing our solutions.

Stay ahead of the competition by seamlessly integrating new technologies and industry trends into your operations.

Enhance your profitability through the addition of new revenue streams and the acquisition of a broader customer base.

Effectively manage and mitigate business risks with our strategic approach.

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by focusing on the attractiveness and happiness of your current client base.

Quickly and efficiently evaluate new business opportunities, eliminating unsound ideas and preventing unnecessary investments.

Expedite decision-making and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles, ensuring speedy implementation.

Foster innovation within your organization with a startup mindset, developing cutting-edge solutions to industry challenges.

Product Discovery

Avoid wasting your time and money, and evaluate the potential of your business idea before you move forward. Experience the power of product innovation, bring your vision to life and create products that meet your customers' needs.

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3D representation of a winning strategy for growth, 3 glass cubes launching themselves from metal wire pads.
3D representation of careful strategy, stack of glass cubes with metal wire arrows around them.

Venture Builder Partner

Our team of seasoned entrepreneurs streamlines the bustling venture builder landscape. With multiple successful exits and a dedicated in-house expert team, we expedite your SPV development, allowing you to concentrate on core strengths and enhancing customer satisfaction.

We commit to delivering rapid, top-quality outcomes, partnering with you to cultivate thriving startups under your brand, addressing pain points, overseeing digital product development, and providing guidance throughout your venture builder journey.

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AI Integrations

Our AI Integrations services seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions into your existing systems, enhancing efficiency and driving innovation within your organization. Unlock the potential of AI to transform your business processes and gain a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital ecosystem.

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Why Cleevio?


Years on the market


Products developed


Startup exits


Five-star reviews


In-house experts

3D smartphones showing the main features of the GoodTrust app

A digital legacy platform that secures your digital assets and documents after your death. By adding new features, we have enabled our growing customer base to comprehensively plan and manage their digital assets.


Monthly users

3D laptops showing Tee time's comprehensive golf portal, offering player benefits and helping golf

Leading partner providing software solutions for golf courses - comprehensive golf portal, offering player benefits and helping golf courses gain visibility while fostering a golfing community.


Monthly users

Mobile phones showing Super zoo's loyalty app for one of the biggest pet stores in central Europe
Super zoo

Mobile loyalty app for one of the biggest pet stores in central Europe. Tailored to its user's needs, the platform allows customers to view current offers, use discount coupons and stay informed of current deals.


Monthly users