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Automated Regulatory Compliance Platform

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Driverama wants to make selling and buying used cars a clean, transparent, fair process that can be done in less than an hour. Haggle-free and Hassle-free.



The leading provider of audit and assurance services, corporate and financial advisory, risk consulting, and tax services undertook a strategic journey to discover how posted workers' processes can be turned into a competitive advantage.


The Need

In the global business landscape, where cross-border activities are commonplace, the need for efficient management of posted workers becomes paramount. A posted worker introduces a unique set of challenges for employers. The heart of the issue lies in the requirement for PWD registrations, a process dictated by EU regulations that demand meticulous reporting to authorities about the details of each posting.

However, this seemingly straightforward task unfolds as a multifaceted challenge due to the diverse practices adopted by each member state. With different forms, processes, and submission methods ranging from web forms to Word templates via email or post, the registration process emerges as a labyrinth of complexity. Significant human and time resources are being used to complete registration tasks repeatedly.


The Challenge

Navigating the intricate web of PWD registrations across various EU member states poses a significant challenge for businesses and their posted workers. The diverse array of forms and submission methods not only leads to confusion but also consumes valuable time and resources. The lack of standardisation amplifies the complexity, making compliance a daunting task.

The disparity in processes and the absence of a centralized system create efficiency bottlenecks, potentially exposing companies to compliance risks. As the demand for a more cohesive and standardized solution became apparent, a client was set to explore how an innovative approach could transform this challenge into an opportunity for operational excellence.


The Cleevio Solution

In our continuous cooperation with the client team, we developed an online service to address the intricate challenges posed by PWD registrations. The app emerges as a tool of efficiency, offering a comprehensive solution for companies grappling with the complexities of managing posted workers.

The application serves as a user-friendly input form for travellers, ensuring data quality through real-time validation. Each client benefits from a tailored instance, customizable to meet specific requirements. With interfaces for travellers and administrators, the app streamlines the entire process, making registration faster, more intuitive, and ultimately, a time-saving endeavour for companies and their posted workers.

As a result, this streamlined platform simplifies and accelerates PWD registrations, saving significant time and resources - showcasing the power of innovation in turning complex challenges into opportunities for business advantage.