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What sets us apart

Why Cleevio is your top software development choice
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Why cleevio

Our 360° approach takes you from a powerful idea to brilliant digital product.


Products developed


Years on the market


Five-star reviews


Startup exits


In-house experts

Build your products with seasoned entrepreneurs

Meet our lead experts

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Project Team

Delivering all projects successfully, which includes meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and maintaining high quality standards, is our top priority.

The cornerstone of our work is communication, so the tools we use most are the ones that make it easier to interact with other people.

For project management, we use the Atlassian suite (JIRA, Tempo, Confluence) plus other support tools such as Product Board, Miro, Notion, and so on, depending on the needs and preferences of each PM.

People Operations Team

Hiring & Caring

Our people operations team takes care of every single detail, from great coffee to a great employee experience.

Our responsibility and main goal is to provide a no-bullshit environment in which you can grow and have fun. We make it a priority to have a good time at work while living by our core values.

We share a passion for making digital products that truly shine. Products that have a real-world impact. We are Makers. Come be a part of our family! Become a Maker.

The best of the best

We’ve got 10+ startup exits, 120+ products developed, an in-house team of 120+ employees, and experts in 15+ various fields under our belt.

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Seasoned entrepreneurs

Our track record includes two successful startup exits, demonstrating our firsthand experience and ability to turn ideas into profitable ventures.

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Experts in the field

With the development of over 120 products, we've gained expertise in diverse industries, making us a valuable partner for your project.

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Seniors by experience

Our senior team members bring years of hands-on experience, guaranteeing your project's success through battle-tested strategies.

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In-house team

With a dedicated in-house team of 120+, we ensure your project receives reliable attention and benefits from our collective expertise.

We support

The non-profit projects we proudly stand behind

Our core values


We constantly explore new technologies and stay at the forefront of change - constantly pushing boundaries to create cutting-edge solutions to provide our clients with innovative solutions that help them stay ahead of the competition.


We value diverse perspectives, unique backgrounds and ideas to drive excellence in our software development - ensuring that we can tailor our software solutions to meet the individual needs of each client and their target audience.


Our foundation stands on trust – we prioritize transparency, integrity, and reliability in all our relationships, both internal and external. Our clients choose us because they can rely on us to deliver on our promises.


We are committed to delivering software that meets the highest standards and not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations, ensuring their satisfaction and long-term success.


Our 12+ years of experience in software development means clients benefit from our proven track record of successful projects, reducing risks and ensuring efficient project delivery.


We believe in long-term relationships - our clients work with us because we don't just provide services; we form strategic partnerships - we align our goals with theirs, working closely to achieve their business objectives.

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Rikard Steiber

“We were impressed with their strong delivery, good talent, and value-based pricing. Cleevio delivered the project promptly with quality executions. The team had a structured development process for their design, staging, and production phases. They had bi-weekly sprints and meetings 2-3 times a week.”

Rikard Steiber
CEO of GoodTrust

Our offices

Office? Remote? Both? Works with us!

San Francisco

44 Tehama St,
San Francisco,
California 94105

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Goldcrest Executive Building,
Office No. 1210, JLT, Cluster C,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Mississippi House
Karolinska 706/3
186 00 Prague

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We routinely work with people from all over the world!