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Product Discovery - Product Development - Venture Building

Let’s build the next unicorn together

Solve the right problem for the right target with the right team



Our 360° approach takes you from a powerful idea to brilliant digital product.

Problems you face

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Not knowing WHAT and HOW to build

Missing clarity, lacking expertise and building products too complex

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Financial pressure

High development and hiring costs, problematic budget and inaccurate cost estimation

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Product-Market Fit

Wrong target audience and market, wrong features, incorrect business model

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Team issues

Missing internal capacity, lacking track record, unsufficient hiring

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Losing the momentum, constantly not meeting the deadlines

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Facing world issues

Constant and rapid change, emergence of new disruptive technologies, AI Integration

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That's where the Cleevio comes in!

Tangible outcomes and benefits

30-40% reduction in development and operational costs in comparison with the client's in-house team.

Working and tested prototype that validates your idea with potential customers - bringing in revenue quicker and lowering risk and development costs.

Development on time and on budget in a desired scope that meets the end-user expectations.

Start small and fast with lean startup methodology, reach success quicker, and build a sustainable path to becoming a unicorn.

The product that is market fit solves the right problem the right way; you know what to build and not to build - with a roadmap to which features to build next.

With MVP on the market and initial traction, you could access a fast track to raising funds and be more attractive and fundable by VCs.

Product Discovery

Avoid wasting your time and money, and evaluate the potential of your business idea before you move forward. Experience the power of product innovation, bring your vision to life and create products that meet your customers' needs.

Product Development

Experience development with significant acceleration accompanied by heightened productivity and efficiency within your development teams. Witness the reduction of development costs, thriving teams, and diminished expenses.

Learn More about Development

Ventrue Building

Our commitment goes beyond traditional services – for startups that resonate strongly with our vision, we offer the opportunity to forge a deeper partnership by substantially reducing our rates in exchange for startup equity.

Learn More about Development

Why Cleevio?


Products developed


Years on the market


Five-star reviews


Startup exits


In-house experts

AI-Powered Chatbot and CRM

Innovative solution for one of the biggest online travel agencies in Europe that empowers and optimizes customer support via the implementation of AI into its core features.


Monthly users

Automated Regulatory Compliance Platform

The efficient management system of posted workers the leading provider of audit and assurance services, corporate and financial advisory, risk consulting, and tax services.


Monthly users

Pet Store Loyalty App

Mobile loyalty app for one of the biggest pet stores in central Europe. Tailored to its user's needs, the platform allows customers to view current offers, use discount coupons and stay informed of current deals.


Monthly users