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Reimagining Customer Loyalty: Your Branded App Awaits

White-label solution for your Loyalty & Reward program



Our 360° approach takes you from a powerful idea to brilliant digital product.

Mobile apps
Web apps
UX/UI Design
The 3-Step Process

Reward Your Customers

With our ready-to use customizable no-code platform you can deliver Loyalty & Reward Program to your customers. Our native app for both Android and iOS offers a plethora of functionalities that empower you to provide an exceptional experience for your customers both offline and online.

Key Product Features

Offer benefits to club members

Offer your customers members-only discounts, exclusive coupons, and digital membership cards.

Get to know your customers

Connect your loyalty engine with your CRM to personalize offers and further build your database.

Your platform for marketing campaigns

Create personalized marketing campaigns, contests and digital flyers for your customers.

Authentication through the Loyalty Card

Gain visibility into who is buying from you, what, where and at what time.

Help your clients find their nearest branch

Make your customer’s life easy and provide a map of all sites and navigate customers to the closest one.

Make shopping fun with reward for every purschase

Give customers the chance to get something back for every major purchase. Use incentives like points, stickers or Wheel of Fortune.

Benefits of Loyaltee

Fast Implementation

Low Initial Investments

Regular Updates and Upgrades

Technology Partner with 15+ years of experience

Integration with your CRM, POS, E-shop

Loyalty Program Setup

book a demo
book a demo

“We were impressed with their strong delivery, good talent, and value-based pricing. Cleevio delivered the project promptly with quality executions. The team had a structured development process for their design, staging, and production phases. They had bi-weekly sprints and meetings 2-3 times a week.”

Rikard Steiber

Rikard Steiber

CEO of GoodTrust