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Bridging Digital and Physical Pet Stores

Trustpilot score of 4.8, 1800 reviews.

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Super zoo in the Numbers

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Super zoo, a leading pet store chain, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance customer loyalty and engagement by developing a mobile loyalty app.


The Need

Super zoo recognized the importance of customer loyalty in the pet retail industry. They aimed to go beyond traditional loyalty programs and create a mobile app that would not only reward customers but also offer a range of features and services to enhance their overall pet ownership experience.

Super zoo's objective was to develop a user-friendly app, providing customers with convenient access to discounts and coupons - creating a seamless digital experience to strengthen the bond between pet owners and the Super zoo brand.


The Challenge

The challenge for Super zoo was to design and implement a loyalty app that not only fulfilled the standard requirements but also catered to the unique needs and preferences of pet owners. The app needed to offer a seamless and intuitive user experience, combining functionality and convenience and striving to keep users engaged and entertained.

Super zoo also aimed to leverage the loyalty app to drive foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores, thereby supporting and enhancing offline shopping. With a network of over 160 stores across the Czech Republic, Super zoo recognized the value of integrating the digital and physical experience. By encouraging app users to visit the stores, Super zoo aimed to strengthen customer relationships, offer personalized assistance and create opportunities for in-store promotions and upselling.


The Cleevio Solution

Our development team collaborated closely with Superzoo's marketing and operations teams to understand their goals, requirements, and brand identity.

The loyalty app was designed to be a digital communication channel between Super zoo and its customers. Our goal was to create a solution that would enhance the number of store visits and minimize the marketing costs allocated for traditional marketing media. The app itself is multiregional - allows a user to choose and switch between regional types of content - currently available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Customer engagement

With features like coupons and discounts, we were able to boost customer engagement and loyalty. Resulting in 127K+ monthly active users and 300K+ first-time users since the launch.

Marketing Savings

By leveraging the valuable data provided by customers, Super zoo was enabled to personalize its marketing efforts and deliver targeted promotions and recommendations. This resulted in significant savings in marketing and better customer awareness caused by highly targeted messaging.