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Discover the Crucial Factors That Drive Product Success

November 26, 2023
Tomáš Ivan
Head of Product

Distinguishing between a product that soars and one that flops can be perplexing. Pouring in resources and time is no guarantee of success; 4 out of 5 new products fall short. This is where a professional approach becomes indispensable. Discover the fundamental product success factors that truly matters to avoid the obstacles.

How can you know if a product is successful? A successful product meets the goals of its designers and makes users happy. Specifically, it fulfills the market's needs, attracts visitors without effort, engages customers effectively, is regularly used by them, and keeps users for a long time. For a product to succeed, it must meet what users want, providing valuable solutions. When done right, the value and message of the product will naturally attract customers. The product experience also matters in deciding its long-term success.

The Role of Desirability in Product Future

A product's fate hinges on being embraced by necessity and desire; without these, failure is inevitable. For desirability, a product must be a solution in itself – tackling a specific challenge or ushering in clear advantages. It's a subjective quality, one that dances with personal taste and aesthetic appeal. When a product or brand becomes desirable, it sparks a magnetic pull for users. This matters – it's the spark that ignites engagement right from the start. It beckons users to delve into the product's offerings, uncovering its utility and user-friendly features.

Building Foundations through Feasibility

Feasibility is all about ensuring that company can create and develop the product – the technology is either ready or can be brought to life. When a fresh solution can tap into around 80% of what you're already great at, and can nurture new strengths in strong areas, that's how you fortify your company's foundation and surge ahead in the competition. Moreover, you can always rely on partnering with companies that have the right individuals possessing the required skills. However, if a solution demands entirely new abilities, it's a bigger gamble. It requires more resources and might even alter how the market perceives you – and that outcome doesn't always align with a company's favor.

The Ethical Approach to Product

Introducing a new product means safeguarding users and the environment. It shouldn't negatively affect people's mental well-being, avoiding addictive or harmful content like disinformation, self-harm, or violence. Additionally, ethical products make a positive environmental impact. They're considerate in every step – from product development and provision to manufacturing, distribution, and disposal. Your users value the future and prioritize sustainable and ethical choices.

Mapping Viability for Success

Assessing your innovation centers on your solution's value chain, ensuring its viability now and ahead. We ask: Does your business model match how customers want to use and pay for the solution? Is crafting your solution and partnering with suppliers profitable? Viability goes beyond profit – it's about sustainability and positive impact on society. This can mean revenue growth, cost reduction, improved productivity, and a stronger brand. Avoid products with low demand or slim profit margins.

Cracking the Code of Product Launches with Cleevio

Behind the apparent simplicity lies the reason for numerous new product failures. However, by comprehending and tackling these factors, companies can enhance their likelihood of introducing a successful mvp and finished product. Ultimately, success is born from a remarkable product concept executed flawlessly.

Cleevio delivers a powerful and compelling product strategy, steering businesses toward the right path. Leveraging our expertise and industry understanding, we offer a winning strategy aligned with your objectives, ensuring your chances of success are maximized.

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