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State of the AI Community: Exploring Ethics, Impact, and Applications

March 30, 2023
Company News

As a company that strongly believes in the importance of community building, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase and discuss some of the most exciting developments in this field. The AI community is a vibrant and dynamic group of researchers, developers, and enthusiasts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI.

In-person discussions within the AI community have been focused on three main themes that have generated significant interest and engagement online in recent months. These themes include the ethics of AI, the impact of AI on the labor market, and the practical applications of this powerful tool in real-world settings.

The potential of AI in a Wide Range of Applications

What makes AI so special is its ability to understand the nuances of language and generate contextually appropriate responses. This technology is increasingly being used in a wide range of applications, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, making our interactions with technology more seamless and natural. 

“OpenAI and AI, in general, have the potential to be powerful tools and great assistants in tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing our world today, varying from healthcare to automotive. These technologies are transforming industries, unlocking new opportunities for growth and development and positively impacting human lives.” - David Zadražil, CTO at Cleevio
David Zadrazil, CTO at Cleevio

Addressing Ethical Concerns in AI Development and Use

It is important to recognize that AI is not without its challenges, and the community noticed that. One of the most significant challenges is ensuring that AI is developed and used ethically. There is a growing awareness of the potential risks caused by AI, such as perpetuating bias, data vulnerability, or AI being used for malicious purposes. 

According to AI statistics, 52% of consumers do not believe AI will protect their private information. (Blumberg Capital)

The community discussed the need for transparency, which is currently offered scarcely in learning data and training models. This could help to minimize harmful speech, usually referred to as one of the issues. Resulting in the need for ethical guidelines and frameworks to ensure that AI is used responsibly and beneficially.

And they are not the only ones mentioning some form of proper research and regulation. An open letter has been signed by several prominent AI researchers — and Elon Musk — urging AI labs worldwide to halt the advancement of large-scale AI systems. The signatories argue that such software carries significant dangers to humanity and society. Appealing that caution is necessary. Signatories include Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn, and a number of well-known AI researchers and CEOs.

AIs Impact on the Labor Market

One of the mentioned key effects of AI on society is the change in the labor market - especially in job roles that involve repetitive and routine tasks. With the development of AI technologies such as ChatGPT, which can automate customer service interactions and generate content, some jobs may become redundant, while new roles that require skills such as data analysis and machine learning will be created. Administrative workers are expected to be most affected, compared to the “little effect” seen on physically demanding or outdoor occupations, such as construction and repair work.

50% of the consumers believe people are already losing jobs and are being replaced by computers. (Blumberg Capital)
Cleevio team watches presentation about AI

The rise of AI is also changing the way people work, with many companies adopting remote working models and leveraging AI tools to improve collaboration and productivity. As the field of AI continues to evolve, individuals and organizations need to adapt and upskill to remain relevant in the changing job market, from which 85 million jobs will be eliminated and 97 million new ones created thanks to AI by 2025. That’s an overall addition of 12 million jobs. (World Economic Forum)


That being said, we believe the AI community is and will remain a driving force behind some of the most exciting developments today. To stay relevant and competitive, we would suggest curiosity above everything else. With AI becoming more integrated into our daily lives, we must continue to develop and use this technology smartly and responsibly. As we continue to explore the possibilities of AI, we have the potential to transform our businesses in ways we never thought possible.

If you want to attend the next community event focused on AI, follow us on social media and stay tuned for more.

Data and statistics found in the article can be found in Blumberg Capitals 2022 AI Survey. 

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