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Product Development at Cleevio: Everything You Need to Know

September 26, 2023
David Zadražil

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and innovation, product development is a critical conduit that leads to the delivery of successful services and products. Product development contains a thorough series of steps that hold the conceptualization, design, development, and marketing of freshly created or reimagined offerings. In our article, we delve into the product development journey, assimilating the essence of product discovery to understand how these twin processes intertwine to create remarkable experiences for both businesses and consumers.

Don't Skip the Product Discovery

Product discovery is the catalyst in our journey towards impactful product development, fueling the creation of solutions that resonate with your customers and drive revenue growth. This critical phase gives us an understanding of customer needs, product positioning, industry trends, and untapped opportunities, paving the way for well-informed decisions and innovative ideas.

With invaluable insights from product discovery, we create a structured budget for development. This financial blueprint enables us to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring that we optimize our efforts while focusing on delivering exceptional value to our customers. Simultaneously, we define a scope of work and product roadmap, setting clear objectives and boundaries to keep us on track during development.

Explore our ebook about Product Discovery.

Agility in the Development Phase

Now, we transition into the development phase, where our agile approach allows us to adapt swiftly to your company's evolving needs. While maintaining our standards, we remain flexible to tackle challenges as they arise. Typically, our workflow is organized into 2-week sprints, ensuring a well-structured and efficient process. To facilitate seamless coordination, we assign a dedicated professional to serve as both project manager and scrum master, simplifying communication and encouraging a collaborative environment.

During this phase, we engage in ceremonies that optimize productivity and enhance project clarity. Our grooming sessions involve a detailed review of specifications and task estimations, setting the foundation for the work ahead. Additionally, we conduct daily stand-up meetings, promoting real-time progress updates and addressing any roadblocks that may arise. To continually enhance our performance, retrospective meetings take place after every 2 sprints, allowing us to introspect and refine our approach.

Communication is Key

Throughout the development stage, we keep daily communication with our clients, including project managers, product owners, and even founders. For clarity and alignment, each client is assigned their own dedicated product manager at Cleevio, who regularly presents thorough updates, keeping them well-informed and involved in the process. This seamless communication flow fosters collaboration and helps us to deliver tailored solutions that perfectly match our client’s vision and expectations.

As we progress, we diligently manage risks and issues, ensuring early identification and resolution. Through our issues & risks log, shared with clients, we transparently report our progress in tackling these challenges, maintaining a proactive approach during the project.

The Handover and Hyper-Care Process

Upon completing development, the most gratifying moment arrives – the handover to our client. Witnessing your satisfaction with the product brings us tremendous joy. During this handover phase, we welcome any feedback or objections you may have, allowing us to fine-tune the product to meet your customers' needs. Once the product gains acceptance, we proceed to the "hyper-care" process, where we address and resolve any discovered issues, covering the expenses ourselves. With all checks complete, your product is ready to go live, making its buzz in the market.

But that's just words. Discover our real cases, like the Rohlík Bistro app, delivered in just one week! Our development process is designed to ensure seamless execution, enabling us to create top-tier solutions that align perfectly with your company's goals. With the combination of agility and structured practices, we are committed to delivering exceptional results throughout the development journey.

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