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Introducing Forestry: A Logging Framework by Cleevio

April 11, 2023
Lukáš Valenta
iOS Developer

Let us introduce Forestry - a GitHub repository - the very first open-source logging framework for Swift projects developed by Cleevio. By leveraging the power of open-source solutions, Forestry integrates most of the market-leading cloud logging services, providing developers with a versatile logging tool for their iOS projects.

Supporting open-source

At Cleevio, we believe that open-source solutions can be beneficial for everyone. By making software code publicly available, everyone can harness the power of collaboration and innovation to create better, more reliable solutions.

With open-source software, you are not limited to a single development team or organization. Instead, you can benefit from the collective intelligence of a diverse, global community of developers, all working together to create something great. Who would not support that?!

By creating our own open-source project, we hope to show that we're committed to quality, innovation, and engagement. Ultimately by embracing open-source solutions, we're not just creating better software. We are building stronger communities and driving progress in the tech industry. Giving back to the community is important to us, as we ourselves rely on several open-sourced libraries.

Meet Forestry

Our team envisioned a versatile logging framework for iOS projects that could easily cater to specific logging needs. We aimed to facilitate seamless switching between logging services without disrupting the existing codebase.

Forestry framework logo
Forestry icon generated by Midjourney

Forestry integrates most of the market-leading cloud logging services. To name a few, we support Datadog, Sentry, and Logrocket. Written entirely in Swift, it uses SPM for dependency management and is licensed under the MIT license.

We focused on making the library easily extensible so that anyone can add integration with their preferred logging service fast and be production-ready in just a few hours.

A typical workflow with Forestry involves using console logging for development, a cloud logging solution like Datadog for QA testing, and finally, using Sentry for error logging in production. This enables our team to quickly debug all issues without spending time integrating these tools.

The mentioned workflow will be implemented as follows:

You can always expand the functionality by creating your own logging service by conforming to the LoggerService protocol. ForestryLoggerLibrary documentation

Also! Everyone can rest easy, we have covered the whole ForestryLoggerLibrary with tests, so we are sure every event is delivered.


If you're looking for a powerful and user-friendly logging tool for not only iOS projects, Forestry is a fantastic choice. With its straightforward setup and smooth transition between logging services, Forestry is an easy-to-use solution that can significantly enhance your logging capabilities. What's more, its extensible architecture allows developers to add new logging services quickly, saving them time and effort.

We're always looking to improve, so If you manage to try it - please take a moment to share your feedback with us.

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