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From Code to Culture: The Backbone of Our Backend Team

April 2, 2024
Přemysl Rucký
Backend Lead

Hey there! Curious about what makes our backend team tick? Let me spill the beans on what keeps us running at Cleevio.

Team Contract: Our Secret Sauce

Ever heard of a team contract? It's like our BE team's rulebook but cooler. We all chipped in to create this gem, covering everything from our core values to nifty Slack etiquettes (like no-reply expectations after 4 PM). It's not just a newbie guide; even our weathered developers learn a thing or two from it.

Bringing the Team Together

With team members scattered across Prague, Brno, and beyond borders, building bonds ain't easy, but we're not ones to back down from a challenge. That's why we came up with Backend Onsite Day. Originally a monthly affair, we scaled it back to every two months to make it work for everyone. It's a chance to catch up, brainstorm, and maybe even grab a beer together.

Sharing Know-How Like a Boss

We take knowledge sharing seriously. Our weekly BE meetings aren't just about updates and project briefs - they are also our chance to pick each other's brains. Plus, we've got knowledge base packed with tech insights and project learnings. It's like having a cheat sheet for all things backend.

Reflect, Refine, Repeat

We're all about improvement. That's why we love our team retrospectives. Just recently, at the start of 2024, we huddled up for about an hour to chat about how things were going. Turns out, everyone is pretty happy being part of the team, which is great to hear - but we also came up with some ideas to make things even better next time. It's all about celebrating wins and figuring out how we can crush it even more in the future.

Growing Together

Personal growth is big on our agenda. Regular performance reviews and one-on-one chats keep us on track. And with internal training programs, education budgets, and buddy systems in place, we're all set to level up together.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to communication. Whether it's a quick Slack chat or a face-to-face meeting, keeping the lines of communication open is what keeps our team humming.

So there you have it—our backend team's recipe for success. With a healthy dose of teamwork, communication, and a sprinkle of resilience, there's no limit to what we can achieve together at Cleevio.

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