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Cleevio Rebranding: Why We Decided To Change

February 24, 2023
Jakub Foglar

Today, we’re updating our website and brand to better reflect what we stand for at Cleevio. And even more importantly, what we can do for our clients.


Cleevio always has big plans and aspirations. From building excellent digital products to creating a great place to work. As we evolved, the change was needed at last - not only in the brand but also in our services, which are now oriented towards long-term partnerships and focusing on the best value we can bring.

This growth, combined with the opening of our new office, meant that our website and branding no longer represented all the things we are doing and stand for.

Defining Cleevio

As it turns out, everybody at Cleevio had their preferences about how we should present the company. This creates a tangled web of powerful opinions on visuals. But these can be untangled – if you take a step back. To tell our story to the world, we first need to sit down and define it for ourselves. For that, we partnered up with Lukáš Burkoň, the leader of our new division, Cleevio Growth.

We conducted a workshop series on value propositions, customer profiles, and internal goals (just like we use with our clients, but for our own company!). With everybody on the same page, we achieved alignment across the company on the values and goals we should represent. Using the StoryBrand and brand archetypes frameworks, we crafted our tone of voice and brand personality: Creative Sage. Inspirational, guiding, articulate and knowledgeable.

Definition of cleevio

Going Visual

How do you translate “Creative Sage” into a visual identity that can be used across a multitude of media and platforms? After all, these are two personalities that don’t necessarily match together on first look. We simply broke down what each could mean and represent.

  • Sage: wise, minimalistic, lightweight, subdued, sharp, professional
  • Creative: engaging, playful, inspiring, collaborative, a bit funky

Then it just meant iterating over your usual visual brand components like typography, colors, imagery, layouts and supporting elements.

Demonstration how visual brand components are created

Explaining What We Do

In addition to having design and engineering hard skills, Cleevio also strives to partner up with clients on the product side of their business. In the end, that means creating the best digital products with the most impact. For that, we need to explain the value we bring to the table.

Visualisation of creating digital products process

Even the most powerful idea is fragile at first. However, with our 360 process, we can carefully capture it, mold it, and turn it into a successful statement of the client’s vision. Validate, prototype, test, iterate and develop. An excellent product is born.

We tapped into the 3D skills of one of our talented designers, Adam Kozel, to bring this to life. The idea and product are represented by glass structures, while our battle-tested process is visualized by solid black metal framing. On top of that, we use vibrant cursors to show the collaboration between us and the client – a key concept in every product we build.

Looking Into The Future

Launching our updated brand means a lot to us. It is as much a snapshot of where Cleevio is today as it is new ground for us to build on. Most importantly, it gives us a solid foundation to continue building true product partnerships with our clients.

Ondra Kohel, another designer at Cleevio, is already bringing fresh perspectives to the brand on our marketing channels
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3D representation of discovery track, glass cubes and a metal arrow that spins around them.
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