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More customers. More revenue.


You built a great product – now what? Constant growth is the key that our skill and know-how will deliver. Turn your startup vision into a skyrocketing reality.

Lukáš Burkoň

Lukáš Burkoň

CEO of Cleevio Growth

3D representation of a winning strategy for growth, 3 glass cubes launching themselves from metal wire pads.
Performance & Data

Grow your customer base using powerful campaigns.

Successful product stories begin with efficient customer acquisition.

We start with the shortest path to customers & valuable product feedback - performance marketing campaigns on Google, Meta, Twitter, and TikTok.

Key Expertise

Google Ads, DV360

Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

Twitter & LinkedIn Ads

Google Analytics & Tag Manager

Hotjar, Firebase, AppsFlyer

Retention & Revenue

Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Increase revenue and keep them coming back for more.

Why settle for being good when you can be great? Retain your users and dramatically boost customer lifetime value.

By using the Bloomreach Engagement platform, we unlock the power of automated and personalized marketing communication, significantly increasing revenue.

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Key Expertise

Retention Marketing

Funnel Optimisation

Bloomreach Engagement
(formerly Exponea)

3D representation of careful strategy, stack of glass cubes with metal wire arrows around them.
Brand Building

Make your brand shine bright.

A strong brand amplifies the effectiveness of all your marketing activities and is one of the most powerful tools you have.

First, we craft your entire brand communication strategy and then implement all the creative, communicative and technical elements it needs to be successful.

Key Expertise

Brand Strategy, Voice & Identity

Brand Archetypes & Essence Wheel

Storybrand Framework

Creatives Production


Content & Community

Community strengthens your brand and lowers customer acquisition costs.

Content reigns supreme when it comes to providing cost-effective, relevant customer engagement over the long haul.

We focus on continually creating outstanding content as the foundation for highly effective SEO, ASO, and community development.

Key Expertise

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

ASO (App Store Optimisation)

Content Creation

Social & Community Building

Kickstart your product growthwith three basic steps.

Growth Audit

We pinpoint the gaps in your current growth strategy.

First things first! A growth audit is essential to identify opportunities for improvement in your current growth strategy.

Our investigation will cover all aspects, including customer acquisition & retention, brand recognition, data-driven analysis and more.

Growth Strategy

We’ll build a solid action plan to grow your business.

Designing a comprehensive strategy and action plan is the essential first step for successful product growth.

We create a customized customer lifecycle model based on your specific needs and implement a multi-layered growth strategy to achieve our goals.

Growth Trial

To put the strategy to the test, we conduct a month-long trial.

By taking a month’s sample of preliminary data, we can plan the growth for months to come.

We’ll jumpstart this process with a monthly growth trial to test our strategy in order to gain the first insights necessary for further optimization and increased success.

Culture in the palm of your hand.

From close to zero ad spend to functional paid campaigns, retention, and a data analytics department.

1M+ monthly active users.

Meta Ads, Google Ads, Sklik.

Exponea, Mailchimp, HotJar, Tableau, Google Analytics.


Monthly active users

Culture in the palm of your hand.

We created a hybrid online-offline product as an innovative solution that increased customer satisfaction and company revenue and laid the foundation for growth in the years to come.

Funds raised of €100M.

Meta A500K visitors since launch.ds, Google Ads, Sklik.

Reduced the average car-buying time by 75%.


TrustScore (1,857 reviews)