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Cleevio is Giving Beck

November 14, 2023
Company News

We appreciate the diversity of experience and big complex projects like GoodTrust or Driverama are just one part of the equation. From time to time, we like to mix things up with projects interesting with the size of its impact, not necessarily its scope.

Several months ago, Jaroslav Beck, one of the founders of Beat Saber, approached us with a remarkable idea for a foundation, and upon hearing his vision, we knew we had to lend our support.

Our Way of Giving Back

We set out to create a presentation website for The Giving Beck foundation, a platform encapsulating Jarda's inspiring vision, allowing visitors to learn about the foundation's work and actively get involved. The technology solution we've provided plays an important role in connecting potential donors and volunteers and promoting this noble cause.

"Cleevio's unwavering support and expertise have been instrumental in turning my vision for The Giving Beck foundation into a reality. Their commitment to empowering orphaned children through music is truly exceptional." Jaroslav Beck, Giving Beck

What Sets Giving Beck Apart?

The Giving Beck foundation's dedication to providing musical instruments to every child in orphanages stands as a testament to its unique mission. The foundation is fostering creative talents, and their unwavering commitment sincerely resonates with us at Cleevio - as we deeply believe in using technology to create positive change.

At Cleevio, our goal is not only to excel in our industry and pursue business endeavours but to contribute to the society that has supported our growth. We view these contributions as investments in the improvement of communities, striving to make a meaningful impact that extends beyond the borders of software development.

We eagerly anticipate the future of The Giving Beck Foundation and its potential to bring the joy of music to countless young people.

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