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Binance Breakfast: Initiative for a Bright Crypto and Blockchain Future

February 7, 2023
Ondřej Macháček
CEO of Cleevio Blockchain

The first of many Binance Breakfasts took place last week in our Prague offices. The event brought the community together to discuss the future of blockchain and crypto in the Czech Republic. Binance's goal is to educate and empower the community, making the country a hub for innovation in the crypto space.

The first half of the event was a presentation of Binance's vision and values as they shared their insights and perspectives with attendees.

The second half of the breakfast was dedicated to networking and building connections between attendees, fostering an environment of collaboration and community. Binance believes that by working together, the crypto and blockchain space can become a safe and accessible place for everyone.

Moments from Cleevio Binance Breakfast event

We at Cleevio are passionate about improving the crypto and blockchain industry in the Czech Republic, so we are happy to have helped make this event a reality. We have ambitions to support Binance with market education, consulting local companies and helping develop local BSC projects.

The first Binance Breakfast was just the beginning, and we hope that participants from the banking, fintech, news and web3 scene left the event feeling inspired and motivated.

The next event will be next month. We will focus on creating an action plan to turn these goals into reality. We can not wait to see the progress made in the Czech Republic. With the collective efforts of the community, the Czech Republic has the potential to become a leader in the crypto and blockchain space, and this Binance Breakfast event was just a first step towards that future.

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