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A New Chapter for Cleevio: Filip Orth and Kate Bunina Join Cleevio's Global Expansion

October 4, 2023
Company News

Cleevio, a Central-European development company specializes in creating sophisticated solutions for clients around the globe, ranging from emerging startups to established corporations. Cleevio's core mission revolves around solving important business problems via digital solutions, always with the perfect team in place.

Their next step? Building strong partnerships in the US and Middle East, catapulting them onto the global stage.

Shaping Ventures Outside Europe

"We're not just developers you hire or investors who provide capital; we become fully committed partners and venture builders, dedicated to the success of your project. Our approach covers everything from product discovery and complete software development to strategic consulting,” explains Cleevio's CEO, David Bezděka

“In detail, our main services involve discovering product ideas by exploring the market and validating them through research. We then create prototypes to test and refine solutions. Afterwards, we develop minimum viable products (MVPs) with defined IT architecture, using an agile approach. An important part of our process is continuous development to ensure our products are long-lasting," elaborates David.

From Local Success to International Markets

Cleevio's clients have mostly come through word-of-mouth referrals and excellent reviews, showcasing their exceptional skills. Their significant role in helping a client secure $7.3 million in funding through an MVP and achieve a 17-fold increase in revenue through product discovery underscores their expertise. As they venture into new markets, Cleevio is focusing more on marketing to find new clients. They're also on the lookout for new senior developers and professionals to join their growing team.

Welcoming Filip Orth and Kate Bunina

In September, Cleevio appointed Filip Orth as the Head of North America for their newly created company, CLEEVIO INC. Filip is a Santa Clara University alumnus with a strong background in sales and venture capital.

The company also welcomed Kate Bunina as the Head of the Middle East. With over a decade of experience in business and product roles, Kate's expertise is a valuable addition. She's been recognized in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and has played a big role in the growth of several companies.

Ambitious CZK200+ Million Sales Target for 2025

"In recent years, things haven't been easy for most companies. However, we've come out of that period even stronger. Given the current European market challenges, we've made a strategic move to boost our sales. We're doing this by leveraging referrals, networking, and actively seeking out new opportunities. Looking forward to 2025, we're filled with ambition, aiming to reach CZK200+ million in revenue," shares David.

Cleevio has restructured itself, with Cleevio Group at its core, managing CLEEVIO Inc., Cleevio X (Web 3.0 division), and Cleevio (Web 2.0 division). Additionally, the company is actively pursuing a new venture in Dubai, emphasizing its commitment to forging stronger partnerships and exploring new horizons.

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