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Revamping the Streaming Experience

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Prima+ in the Numbers

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Prima FTV, a renowned media company, embarked on a transformative journey to create a cutting-edge on-demand video streaming platform bringing popular TV series into your pocket. Anywhere and anytime.


The Need

The driving force behind the project was the desire to overcome the limitations of the previous solution. Prima aimed to address issues, such as lack of exclusive content, outdated design, and poor user experience, which resulted in negative reviews.

By creating a new app, Prima+ sought to bring its streaming service up to date, target a more specific market segment, and provide a superior product aligned with user expectations and industry standards.


The Challenge

The challenge for prima+ was to revamp their existing app to better align with their target market and address the shortcomings of the previous solution. One of their main objectives was to overcome quality concerns that troubled the previous solution, including a lack of exclusive content, outdated design, and a subpar user interface. They recognized the need to enhance the overall user experience and introduce captivating Czech content with a particular focus on popular TV series.

In addition to improving the app's quality, Prima aimed to monetize the platform and diversify its revenue streams. They sought to generate revenue through paid content and advertisements within the app. While the web platform remained their primary revenue source, they saw the app as an opportunity to create an additional income stream and explore new avenues for growth.

Time-to-market was a critical factor for prima+. They wanted to catch up with the market and attract users still searching for their ideal video streaming platform. They aimed to seize the opportunity and target users who had not yet found their perfect fit in the streaming market.


The Cleevio Solution

One of the primary objectives was to differentiate prima+ from competitors. Rather than hiding all content behind a paywall, prima+ opted for a three-tier subscription model - raging from a free option to an ad-free possibility. To offer a smooth viewing experience, an implementation of an in-app payment option for both iOS and Android was a must. With exclusive content added to the app, they aimed to cater to users interested in Czech content, particularly Czech TV series, while offering a range of options to suit different preferences.

By catering to users interested in Czech content and offering various subscription options, Prima+ sought to establish a unique position in the market.

Strategic Redesign

Our solution focused on two key areas: design and user experience enhancement and comprehensive development. Our design team meticulously redesigned the app, prioritizing modern aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and an immersive user experience while keeping the branding intact.

Collaborative Development

In terms of development, Cleevio closely cooperated with the backend team on the client's side to ensure seamless performance and address technical limitations from the previous solution. We made sure that whenever new exclusive content categories are ready - for example, the Kids category - architecture and background solutions are as well.

By leveraging Cleevio's expertise, Prima successfully transformed its streaming app, achieving enhanced design and user experience, comprehensive development improvements, and effective monetization strategies.