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Digital Legacy Planning Service

Trustpilot score of 4.8, 1800 reviews.

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GoodTrust in the Numbers

Raised in Funding


Founded at the start of the pandemic by a team of tech-for-good veterans - GoodTrust mission is to help protect the digital life and legacy of everyone.


The Need

GoodTrust was founded by former Google and HTC Vive VR executive Rikard Steiber - a visionary Internet entrepreneur with extensive experience successfully launching and growing digital businesses at global companies. After Rikard suffered a personal loss at the start of the pandemic, an idea struck him — do any of us know what happens to our digital stuff when we die?

Rikard conducted a study in the spring of 2020 and discovered that 90% of people have no idea. For him, this was an epiphany. And an opportunity. Particularly as someone who has spent a career in technology and always believed in its power for good. Rikard teamed up with Cleevio to bring this product to life.


The Challenge

Start small, dream big. Starting with the MVP, we scaled this project using rapid iterations and data analysis. We developed an ecosystem for the management of digital heritage assets - the system that integrates with a variety of SaaS services to help a back-office team effectively manage subscribers.

After successfully launching MVP, we established a long-term partnership based on a continuous agile approach. We continually pivot the product based on user feedback and actively contribute to its growth.


The Cleevio Solution

With our MVP solution, GoodTrust closed a $2.3 million seed funding round led by Bling Capital, Synetro Ventures, Azure Capital Partners and Silicon Valley angel investors, including Nikesh Arora, Bobby Lo and Christian Wiklund.

With all hands on deck, we built a digital legacy platform that secures digital assets such as websites, social media accounts, subscriptions and documents after one’s passing.

Unique Features

A secure digital vault provides a convenient platform for sharing access to essential accounts, documents, and devices. You can add a trusted contact to your digital assets, enhancing collaboration and security. Additionally, our features allow you to share these assets exclusively after your passing, providing a controlled and thoughtful approach to managing your digital legacy.

GoodTrust Life Stories utilizes AI technology to animate the faces in your family photos, bringing cherished memories to life. Easily save, download, or share these animated images with others through GoodTrust, adding a dynamic and engaging dimension to your visual legacy.

A Will for your digital assets tool designed to give you control over your digital legacy before your passing. Users can transfer digital assets, such as photos, videos, social media content, emails, online banking information or site credentials. This functionality ensures a smooth and secure transition of your digital presence to the designated person in the event of your passing.

With a strong social impact, GoodTrust was featured in VentureBeat, WSJ, Forbes, and Fortune. Plus, heard and seen in BBC's Business Daily and CBS This Morning - running a story highlighting the book by GoodTrust co-founder Daniel Sieberg and CEO and founder Rikard Steiber as a great way to get started with the entire issue of digital legacy.

We were impressed with their strong delivery, good talent, and value-based pricing. Cleevio delivered the project promptly with quality executions. The team had a structured development process for their design, staging, and production phases. They had bi-weekly sprints and meetings 2-3 times a week.

Rikard Steiber

CEO, GoodTrust