Revolutionizing logistics in Central Europe

Next day shipping from more than 20,000 e-shops to one of more than 2300 pickup points, for less than $2. Zasilkovna is the best way to find convenient outlets around you to send or receive your package.

Cleevio communicated flawlessly and delivered us a top-notch MVP. They quickly became our strategic partner because we know we can rely on them for any and all digital innovations.
Ondrej Zak, CEO

Zasilkovna means Mailbox in Czech. Founded in 2010, Zasilkovna now provides next day shipping from more than 20,000 e-shops to one of more than 2300 pickup points, for less than $2. To date, it has shipped nearly 20 million shipments. E-shops can send their shipments not only throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also to Hungary, Romania, Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Great Britain or Ukraine. It is a C2C service, as well, meaning you can visit these pickup points to ship packages anywhere in the world.


Audience Strategy
User Testing


Technical Strategy
Systems Architecture
Front-end Development


Content Strategy


Rapid prototyping
UX/UI design
Digital guidelines


Simplify the package tracking process.

Create iOS and Android apps featuring a link to our robust, custom API.

Collaborate with domain experts at Zasilkovna.

Unique Solutions

Simply Usable

Find relevant packages using only your phone number or email address. The user receives a comprehensive overview of their consignments immediately after entering one of these two contact details.

Your Mailbox, Anywhere

At present, there are 20,000 branches located on the map in the app. This allows the user to find the most appropriate one by using a text search or filters.

P2P Shipping

Though the initial focus was on delivery of e-commerce goods from e-shops, Cleevio built the app to allow Peer-to-Peer shipping with ease and convenience.


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