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Driven by evidence, guided by carefully crafted strategy

We validate assumptions about products and potential customers and uncover unique value propositions.
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Our 360° approach takes you from a powerful idea to brilliant digital product.

Maximize your chances of success

Just 6 weeks and we'll validate your business idea from top to bottom.


We uncover the biggest user challenges


We identify the target audience


We find a unique value proposition for your customers


We minimaxy the feasibility risk


We accelerate time to market


We maximize the ROI

The Mission of Product Discovery

Learn fast, move fast. We seek a unique value proposition that solves issues and challenges which bother your target audience. We then ideate potential solutions which we validate through usability testing with real customers. After we collect and review the feedback, we adjust the solution accordingly and define a minimum viable product which can be delivered in a short period with fewer resources needed to prove the solution and quickly collect feedback from the market.

Uncover unique value proposition

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Define minimum viable product

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Ensure solution profitability

Develop solutions efficiently

Outcomes of Product Discovery

We validate your assumption through quantitative and qualitative research whose results are carefully analysed and reflected in the product building process. Data-based decision-making provides transparency and also provides transparency about the whole process so that you see what has been done and what is about to happen.

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Market, competition, client solution analysis

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Usability Testing

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Technical feasibility, backlog & roadmap

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Business model & Go-To-Market

Our process

Product Discovery Track

1st week

Deep dive into the current market, trends and customers

Gain valuable insights, explore the current market, and form hypotheses to capitalize on market opportunities.

Understanding of the current market situation,

Identification of leading market trends,

Competitors analysis

Sorting hypotheses based on potential impact score

2nd week

Understanding your product and customer

We go through your current solution proposition and your target audience. We will collect as much information as possible to identify key product and customer assumptions which we will validate with the market

Current solution review

Current customers analytics

Quantitative and qualitative research

3rd week

Identify unique value proposition and the target audience

Validation and sorting of solution hypotheses through quantitative and qualitative research. Identification of the target audience archetype for whom we build the solution. Solution definition reflecting data-driven identification of key features addressing problem worth solving that can be shipped as fast as possible with optimum amount of resources.

User persona definition

Reevaluating hypotheses based on new findings

Features prioritization

Minimum Viable Solution definition

4th–5th week

UX/UI design prototype

UX/UI design prototypes covering the major user flow in the app to capture critical user feedback and pivot the product as needed.

Happy flow UX/UI design

Usability testing

UX/UI design finalization

6th week

Product monetisation and marketing

We will suggest viable business models that reflect product uniqueness, competitors and target audience price sensitivity. Next to that, we will help identify channels and activities that help you get the product into the minds of your potential customers.

Business modelling

Go-to-market strategy

Product marketing

7th week

Discovery hand-over

We will prepare a final discovery presentation where we assemble all information collected during the project. Next, we will provide you with a new UX/UI prototype and high-level product specifications.

Final discovery presentation

UX/UI design prototype

High-level specification


All-star team for the win

With over 120 experts available, we'll assemble a tailor-made team for you.

let’s talk

Why Cleevio

We’ve got 10+ startup exits, 120+ products developed, an in-house team of 120+ employees, and experts in 15+ various fields under our belt.

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Seasoned entrepreneurs

Our track record includes two successful startup exits, demonstrating our firsthand experience and ability to turn ideas into profitable ventures.

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Experts in the field

With the development of over 120 products, we've gained expertise in diverse industries, making us a valuable partner for your project.

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Seniors by experience

Our senior team members bring years of hands-on experience, guaranteeing your project's success through battle-tested strategies.

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In-house team

With a dedicated in-house team of 120+, we ensure your project receives reliable attention and benefits from our collective expertise.


Products developed


Years on the market


Five-star reviews


Startup exits


In-house experts