We enjoy making people’s lives better with user-friendly products.

In the last decade of building custom software, we’ve released more than 100 apps totaling over
20 million unique downloads.

We have both the skill and the agility to iterate fast. When we spot a better opportunity, we don’t hestitate to pivot and adapt.

Our Manifesto


We don’t just build custom software. We build your business.

We believe a successful business can only thrive with growth-minded, user-centered, design-driven development.


We accept challenges with passion and deliver the results with pride.

Things that haven’t been done before are our favorite. We take every project very personally because when you succeed, we do too.


We hand pick who we work with because when we commit, it’s for good.

We’re looking for long-term partners who are excited to try new things and are not afraid of change. Together, we’ll accomplish great things.

Our moms think we play with computers. They’re not wrong, but we do a bit more.

We really, really like techy stuff. We welcome everyone and everything that can improve our lives. We embrace difference, personal growth, and bold and creative spirit.

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Our leaders

David Bezděka
David Zadražil
Ondra Macháček
Head of Blockchain
Kristýna Mikšovská
Head of HR
Michal Počuch
Head of PMO
Petr Krejčí
Head of Driverama
David Kubáč
Head of Goodtrust


Jan Částek
Lukáš Stibor
Miroslav Chmelka

We deliver digital products from the heart of Silicon Valley and Europe.


Mountain View
126 San Antonio Circle #11B
Mountain View, CA 94040
United States


Rašínovo nábřeží 71/10,
128 00 Praha 2
Lesnická 1802/11,
613 00 Brno

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