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Revolutionizing logistics in Central Europe.


User rating

3000+ ratings

Packeta Group is one of the leading logistics companies in Europe, providing delivery parcel services for almost 46,000 eshops with over 139,000 pick up points in 33 countries worldwide.

"Cleevio communicated flawlessly and delivered us a top-notch MVP. They quickly became our strategic partner because we know we can rely on them for any and all digital innovations."

Ondřej Žák

Ondrej Zak

CEO, Packeta Group

App Downloads
Parcels Shipped
Q4 2020

We launched the app with a focus on core logistics features


Deliver to the Czech Republic and beyond

Connect your e-shop with us and send your parcels through a single system to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and 30 other countries.

We implemented essential business logic covering the entire delivery process.

Phones showing the Packeta app while picking up a package delivery with PIN code

Select the pickup point closest to you

Don't want to wait for a courier? No problem. Our map displays thousands of pick-up points where you can easily collect your parcel. We developed a solution that makes the entire process of parcel pickup simpler and more automated.

Phones showing the Packeta app main features for package delivery.
P2P Shipping

Connecting people

Though the initial focus was on delivering e-commerce goods from e-shops, we developed the app to make Peer-to-Peer shipping quick, simple and convenient.

Home Delivery

Home? Office? Reception? Get it where and when you want.

The Zasilkovna (Packeta) driver will deliver your parcel to any address in the Czech Republic.

Personally ensuring it reaches your doorstep the very next day.

Simple Returns

Return your parcel with ease

Just put the return code in the app, print out the barcode, and drop off your package at the nearest pickup location.

The rest of the process runs automatically. No muss. No fuss.


Even closer pickup? Yep.

The Z-Box is a self-service pickup point – no need to wait for a courier.

Use our mobile app with a Bluetooth connection and you have full control over the Z-BOX.