Fair. Simple. Open. Disrupting used car sales the right way.

Driverama has never stopped moving forward. Since November 2020 they have secured a 75M EUR funding round, opened 5 physical branches in Germany, formed a strategic alliance with German auto workshop chain stop+go and have become the most trusted used car platform on German Trustpilot with a 5-star rating. So far, they have hired 150 people for their core team along with more than 40 experts from Cleevio dedicated to the project. Did we mention the positive articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, CarDealer, Motortrader? The integrated system of 6 apps? Headquarters in Munich and Amsterdam?

You get the idea. They have a vision and our team here at Cleevio has been a critical part of making that vision a reality. 

Driverama wants to make selling and buying used cars a clean, transparent, fair process that can be done in less than hour. Haggle-free and Hassle-free.

Does anybody like buying a used car? Dealing with pushy salespeople, not knowing what the “real” condition of the car is, always having the feeling that you’re getting ripped off. Not fun. If ever an industry was crying out for disruption it was this one. 

Driverama listened to customers and decided to build what they were asking for. Using digital innovation and data science they came up with  a process for selling and buying a used car that’s quick, simple, transparent, and fair every time. 

This market has the potential to be huge. It is now estimated that 20% of cars in Europe will be purchased online by 2030 and Driverama is positioned to be a leader in this sector.

Strategy & Idea Validation
  • Diagnosing
  • Product shaping
  • Product management
  • Continuous development
  • Prescribing
  • User testing
  • Content creation
  • Visual style
  • Product design
  • Rapid designing
Data Analysis
  • Data-based iterating
  • Key metrics specification
  • Data tracking
  • Data visualization
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Retrospective evaluation
  • Technical strategy
  • System architecture
  • DevOps
  • Backend in Java
  • Frontend in React
  • System integrations
  • Manual and automated testing


Drive digitization of a field that is typically dominated by offline market players.

Be the market disruptor instead of lagging behind innovative market advances.

Widen scope and increase longevity of the business by creating additional revenue streams.

Unique Solutions

Driverama was an exciting idea and building it was both demanding and rewarding. The goal of the business was to combine online and offline experiences, effectively disrupting a market that has traditionally been dominated by in-person research and onsite spending.

UX design

Therefore, although critical to Driverama’s success, app development was only part of the job. Our work was cut out for us, and it demanded close cooperation and team collaboration to ensure a design that would create an entirely new UX and customer journey.

Process and Implementation

Our client came to us with their core vision and that vision has been brought to life as we brainstormed ideas, flesh out details, and go through the design and development processes before moving on to the final implementation.

Complex Solution

With 14 years of development experience, we’re helping to shape the product with innovative features and a user-friendly design. Often that means challenging the client’s ideas, performing user research, collecting feedback, and suggesting improvements instead of just accepting the status quo.

Building the product along with a brand-new company meant the customer web experience was only the tip of the iceberg. Our systems had to be optimized to allow integration with support tools, serve branch employees, help customers sell their cars, and allow 3rd party companies to buy vehicles in quick auctions. So, there was a lot going on under the hood. Like A LOT. 

Moving forward and using extensive research, we found that some of the individual challenges had already been resolved by different products before Driverama. It’s a bit like the communication app Slack. You’ve seen it all separately, but never together. Parts of it existed, but no one had ever pulled off the whole package before, at least never to the point where people would actually want to use it. Driverama found itself in a similar scenario. All 4 interconnected apps needed to work together seamlessly to provide a functional experience that would draw clients in due to its convenience and user-friendly design. 

Although other online car sellers and buyers exist, we believe that together, our apps, processes, solutions, UX and customer journey design have created something truly unique.

Our Work Included:

Designing efficient processes enabling Driverama to cut branch visit times from 3 hours to 50 minutes.

Ideas that improve customer satisfaction, such as offering a free cab ride home once you sell your car that has become one of Driverama’s USPs.

Ongoing improvements, including the development of a mobile app that can scan information from a vehicle registration certificate to further reduce the branch visit time.

Driverama started with just one branch in Germany, but that has quickly grown to five and plans are underway to quickly expand the service to many more European cities. Customers have truly embraced the concept of modernizing the online used car market, and consumer adoption is headed in the right direction with great initial results. 

Clients started pouring in on launch day, and we fully expect that Driverama will be operating dozens of branches throughout Europe within a couple of years.

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