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Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

Trustpilot score of 4.8, 1800 reviews.

Driverama wants to make selling and buying used cars a clean, transparent, fair process that can be done in less than an hour. Haggle-free and Hassle-free.

HoppyGo in the Numbers

Active Users in 2022
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HoppyGo is a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform that connects people who own a car but do not use it daily with those who would like to rent one, leveraging the principles of shared economy.


The Need

The HoppyGo sought a comprehensive solution for their car rental service, with the primary objectives focused on user convenience and a consistent experience. They needed intuitive iOS, Android, and web apps to facilitate quick and easy car searches and rentals. Emphasis was placed on maintaining product consistency across platforms, ensuring a seamless transition for users.

Overall, the client's needs centred around creating a user-friendly, consistent, and feature-rich car rental platform with a strong emphasis on a simple and comfortable user experience across multiple platforms.


The Challenge

The HoppyGo confronted a significant challenge in establishing a unified experience for their car service. The primary challenge involved crafting intuitive iOS, Android, and web applications to simplify the car search and rental process while maintaining consistency across diverse platforms. Achieving a seamless user transition posed a notable difficulty.

Another challenge was developing a dynamic Homefeed designed to effectively showcase automatic content for onboarding, notifications, and admin messages, along with tailored suggestions like cars of the day and new inventory additions. Integrating engaging blog stories and YouTube videos within a straightforward and comfortable user interface added complexity to the task.

Balancing these elements to meet user expectations and address technical intricacies emerged as a key challenge for the client.


The Cleevio Solution

With our unique features, HoppyGo transforms the car experience – pay only when you need one or share your idle car to earn.


The Homefeed is a newsfeed that efficiently presents automatic content for onboarding, notifications, and admin messages, along with personalized recommendations to encourage users to interact with the app daily.


HoppyGo has a lot of cars in its database. Users can use many different filters to narrow their search, but to streamline the process, we created an auto-select feature that uses dates, location, and past preferences to select the best car.

Complex solution

We tailored a consistent product across three platforms — Android, iOS, and Web-app, based on the specifications from the Volkswagen Group. Now, seamlessly reserving a car on the web app and leaving a review on the mobile app is no longer a challenge.

Since its creation in 2018, HoppyGo has emerged as the leading car-sharing platform in the Czech market. Experiencing remarkable growth with an 80% increase in 2020, the platform is part of the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab.

This case study was initially published on Behance in May 2019.

I like working with Cleevio because I can rely on them in every project. They are our long-term strategic partner.

Jan Charouz

CEO, HoppyGo