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Expense and Budget Manager

Trustpilot score of 4.8, 1800 reviews.

Driverama wants to make selling and buying used cars a clean, transparent, fair process that can be done in less than an hour. Haggle-free and Hassle-free.

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Spendee is a money manager and budget planner that helps you to get your finances into better shape. Track your cash flow, understand your financial habits and make your spending stress–free.


The Need

The client aimed to create a mobile app centred around financial management and habit formation. The app strived to serve as a personalized pocket CFO, offering features such as budgeting, expense tracking, and income analysis. To encourage regular use, the app envisioned implementation of the Hook model, employing triggers and rewards to form lasting habits.

With premium features like automatic syncing and categorization of expenses, Spendee wanted to streamline the user experience through seamless integration with users' financial accounts.


The Challenge

Spendee approached us with a compelling challenge: to create a mobile app that not only revolutionizes financial management but also integrates habit-forming features using the Hook model. The goal was to shape users' financial behaviours positively and establish a lasting relationship with their finances. In addition, Spendee envisioned premium features like automatic syncing and expense categorization, aiming to enhance the user experience through seamless integration with their financial accounts. The challenge was to position these premium functionalities as irresistible incentives for users to upgrade to the premium version.

Our mission was to overcome these challenges and solidify Spendee's position as the go-to financial assistant, tailored for the global citizen with support for multiple currencies, budget sharing, and practical insights into their financial situation.


The Cleevio Solution

Revolutionizing habits through the implementation of the Hook Model, Spendee adeptly employs the principles of Habit Design psychology to shape users' preferences, attitudes, and behaviours, fostering an improved and more positive relationship with their finances.

Tailored for the global citizen, Spendee goes beyond borders with support for multiple currencies, budget-sharing features, spending alerts, and bill reminder notifications positioning itself as the preferred financial assistant for those with diverse lifestyles and travel inclinations.

Continuously evolving, Spendee ensures that users have fresh insights into their financial situation, presented in a clear context rather than mere numbers. Serving as a practical and insightful personal CFO - Spendee transforms raw financial data into actionable intelligence, utilizing charts and historical or predictive trend analysis to provide users with insights for informed decision-making.

After a couple of years of development, Spendee has become a recognized player in the FinTech market, winning awards and consistently featuring in the App Store and Google Play.

Our experience with Cleevio was very positive. We faced a number of challenges in the first two years of development. Cleevio stood by us and helped us to build the first MVP. I recommend Cleevio for all of your mobile and web development needs.

David Neveceral

CEO, Spendee