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Personalized talk radio; just press play.

A unique application for listening to streaming content. Unlike similar applications, it offers content from many categories including a podcasts and shows section. Podcasts and programs are also pulled from the media. The application is available for iOS and Android and includes comprehensive personalization options for its users.

I enjoy working with Cleevio because their experience with their own projects gives them business-building expertise. The biggest benefit is that they come up with clever improvements and tweaks for our application that are based on real behavior of thousands of users.
Ondrej Musil, Product manager
Planning & Strategy

MVP Definition
Idea validation



Testing & Quality Assurance

Functionality testing
Manual and automated tests


UX design
Visual design
Brand identity


The goal was to create an application using a complex algorithm and link to a third party API.

Equally important was to build a coherent personalization system so that the user is shown the desired or personally-important content first.

Unique Solutions

Just Press Play

The user can set the length of the report, the regular intervals in which he wants to receive messages and the topics that interest them. Just press play!

Constantly Changing Content

By linking to one of the largest CZ media houses, YouRadio Talks ensures that it always contains thousands of examples of high-quality content, whether it's news, podcasts or radio shows.

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