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Youradio is a Czech music app for streaming music with AI learning system for a better user experience. It allows easy access to thousands of songs from 80 genres without downloading. This saves your phone or tablet space and time to import music to your phone.

I enjoy working with Cleevio because their experience with their own projects gives them business-building expertise. The biggest benefit is that they come up with clever improvements and tweaks for our application that are based on real behavior of thousands of users.
Ondrej Musil, Product manager

Audience Strategy
User Testing


iOS (iPhone, iPad)


Content Strategy


Rapid prototyping
UX/UI design
Digital guidelines


The aim was to create one of the most popular services on streaming music with very simple availability and possibilities sharing. It is a combination of mobile application and website.

Monetization - All business model is established on Subscription options premium account with us bears many advantages.

Unique Solutions


Context-based playlists are steadily becoming more popular than content-based ones. Though “Mood” is often used to describe a type of emotional context, Context-based playlists often serve a more sophisticated array of factors: location, time, season, weather, activity, and current affairs, for example.


Based on monitoring basic activities in a complex algorithm, Youradio is able to prepare content specific to each user.

Simple Control

After several years on the market, Cleevio has had the opportunity for extensive user testing and dozens of updates in the name of optimization.


Youradio thanks to its simplicity and personalized playlists become one of the most popular music streaming service in Central Europe. We're really proud of we can be part of this project.

450 000+

Registered Users

150 000+

Monthly Active Users


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