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Project Team

Project Manager


Do you enjoy building new products, managing the development processes, and researching the competition to surpass them and stay ahead of market trends? Great! Then we share a passion for making digital products that truly shine - the products that have a real-world impact. New exciting projects are coming to Cleevio, and we need an experienced Project Manager to help us deliver them. We chase perfection, trying to achieve excellence, and we never settle. We build innovative products that provide added value and deliver new business opportunities to our clients. Driverama, GoodTrust, Zásilkovna and Deloitte are examples of the brands we love to work with.

Ready to join?

Key qualifications

Is this you? We hope so!

Key qualifications

Is this you?
We hope so!

On a regular day, you will:

  • Move things forward,
  • Challenge the team, manage daily standards, planning, and retrospectives,
  • Specify business requirements - communicate daily with the clients in CZ / EU / US,
  • Look for the best ways to deliver the resulting feature to its users,
  • Oversee projects from the early stage of analysis and specifications and share your insights with the clients on a regular basis.

A long-term client satisfaction is our priority and we can achieve it only by meeting deadlines and providing top quality work.

Job Description

Matched with our requirements?

This is what you’ll be up to.

Key qualifications

Is this you?
We hope so!

What are our expectations of you?  

  • You already have an experience in project management, 
  • You can organize your work and lead by example,
  • You are able to design suitable solutions with a team of developers,
  • You have a basic technical and design knowledge related to the topics of mobile apps and website development,  
  • You have experience with building new solutions,
  • You’re no stranger to Jira, Confluence or other project management systems,
  • You can conduct negotiations with clients in English and Czech,
  • You strive for personal development and learning new things on a daily basis.


Why Cleevio

Our benefits are hard to beat. Like the sound of these?

Glass balls floating in space surrounded by atom-like metal wire structure.


Friends for life

We're not just teammates, we're a work family. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Glass balls floating in space surrounded by atom-like metal wire structure.


Great work rewarded

A highly competitive salary is a given. Success fees and bonuses? Icing on the cake.

Glass balls floating in space surrounded by atom-like metal wire structure.


Get better every day

English courses every week and if you find a great book, conference or course - we'll pay for it!

Glass balls floating in space surrounded by atom-like metal wire structure.


Exceptional projects grow exceptional skills

Work for first class clients, use the latest and greatest tech – and be the one who invents it!

Glass balls floating in space surrounded by atom-like metal wire structure.


Working with a relaxed vibe

With coffee and snacks within reach, homemade breakfasts three times a week and regular teambuildings.

Badge: Learn. Trust. Collaborate.

How we hire

What happens next?

Step 1

Apply by sending your CV

Email us at or use our contact form.

Step 2

Interview with a recruiter

Natálie Továrková
Head of HR

Step 3

Interview with a colleague from

Project Team

Michal Počuch

Step 4

Wait to hear from us

Together Head of HR with Team Lead