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Gulf Brokers is an award-winning financial broker and a well-known trading platform. The client teamed up with Cleevio to build an Asian version of Robinhood. Together we developed native mobile experiences for financial traders across countries in Asia. It was an immense responsibility for us to deliver this complex product for a highly demanding audience.

At Cleevio, we were able to reduce the risk of failure at the initial phase of the development and delivered the product with the best market fit. Yet we believe that the perfect product doesn't exist. That is why we keep iterating and continuously improve the usability of the product with our data-driven approach.

Strategy & Idea Validation
  • Competitors Analysis
  • User Interviews
  • Development of a Unique
  • Selling Proposition
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • and Usability Testing
  • Product Design
  • User Testing
  • Technical Strategy
  • DevOps
  • Systems Architecture
  • iOS in Swift
  • Android in Kotlin
  • Backend in Java
  • Websockets
Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Q&A testing
Data Analysis
  • Key Metrics Specification
  • Data Tracking
  • Data Evaluation and Suggestions of Hypothesis
  • Retrospective Evaluation


Build a profitable product and maximize the lifetime value of the user

Onboard new users and explain how trading works

Advanced features for experienced traders

Serve all important data in real-time across several continents

Unique Solutions

The real-time
market data.

Getting real-time market data fast is crucial for traders. To ensure the fastest communication between the broker server (Xstation) and CRM server, the database servers are deployed in 2 different regions: UAE and DE.


For this project, multiple microservices were developed and deployed. Cleevio API (client-side API) for communicating with the client’s CRM (MyZone). Trading API for real-time communication over Websockets with the broker (Xstation) and transmitting data into mobile apps.

A spectrum of
trading instruments

The application supports forex, shares, commodities, and more! Traders can pick the favorite market and follow them.

Automated CI/CD

We set up automated CI/CD deployment to each microservice - on each region ensuring transparent and error-free deployment of any functionality or bug-fix.

User-focused UI

To make trading faster for the users, we made CTAs (Sell & Buy) buttons visible and accessible in the app.


Cleevio was able to release and run 3 clones of the application on the same infrastructure. It required us only 12 man-days in total to get one clone app of Gulf Brokers set up and running.

5.0 User Rating on App Store

4.6 User Rating on Google Play


Clones of the app on the same servers


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