Secure your digital afterlife.

GoodTrust is a digital-legacy platform that secures your digital assets such as websites, social media accounts, streaming subscriptions, and documents after you pass away. GoodTrust, inc. was founded by a former Google and HTC Vive VR executive, Rikard Steiber, who teamed up with Cleevio to bring this product to life.

We started this project with a small MVP and then we scaled it through frequent iterations and data analysis. Now we are building an ecosystem for managing digital legacy assets. The system integrates with several SaaS services to help a back-office team with subscribers' efficient management.

Cleevio turned to forefront technologies across the board. We used the latest version of Java and created a scalable REST API application. The whole deployment process is automated, and we use multiple environments that are all in the cloud.

We were impressed with their strong delivery, good talent, and value-based pricing.
Rikard Steiber
CEO of GoodTrust
Strategy & Idea Validation
  • Product Shaping and Roadmap
  • Product Management
  • Continuous Development
  • UX and Wireframes
  • Brand Manual
  • Product Design
  • Rapid Designing
Data Analysis
  • Key Metrics Specification
  • Data Tracking
  • Data Visualization
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Retrospective Evaluation
  • Technical Strategy
  • System Architecture
  • DevOps
  • Backend - Java
  • Frontend - React
  • System Integrations
  • Manual and Automated Testing


Build a multi-services solution with a simple-to-use and trust-building user interface.

Take care of the digital account of your loved ones after they pass away.

Give users the power to manage all digital legacy assets on one online platform.

Unique Solutions

Management of Digital
Legacy and Assets

GoodTrust is compatible with more than 100 of the most popular sites and apps, including Facebook, Google, and Apple. Thanks to the architecture and the structure of the backend and the back office, we can dynamically grow the supported site base and cover both businesses and users’ needs.

Delivery of Your
Last Goodbyes

We built a solution that allows users to record the last message to their loved ones directly on the GoodTrust website. A user can record the video and via AWS's MediaConvert, the platform converts it into an HLS playlist, to make the streaming and preview video possible.

Digital Power
of Attorney.

In order to delete a social media page of a deceased person, the platform will require you to submit your ID, a death certificate, etc. Goodtrust combines submitted documents, via DocuSign API it generates the Digital Power of Attorney, and sends it to the social media of your choice. After a while, the page of the deceased person gets removed.


In 10 months of our cooperation in product development, GoodTrust demonstrated its revolutionary potential as a digital-legacy platform. Many global publications such as Wired, Forbes, Business Insider, and Wall Street Journal featured GoodTrust in their articles.

And in addition, the startup has raised $2.3 million in a seed funding round and partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and AARP to offer all veterans free usage of the GoodTrust premium plan. GoodTrust's team continues to work with Cleevio to bring more advanced features to this revolutionary product.


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