A simple solution to fight climate change.

CO2IN was created to enable individuals and companies to be involved in fighting climate change. Via COIN2's simple mobile app and user-friendly interface, anyone can indirectly participate in the EU emissions trading system and remove CO2 allowances that would otherwise be used by Europe's major emitters to generate further emissions.

We have built a complex CO2IN ecosystem from scratch, while ensuring its accessibility with integration of convenient and practical features. Beginning with only a simple idea and a goal to help combat climate change, we began the process of designing and developing CO2IN from initial concept to app creation.

We started with a basic demo version, which was an educational app used during the research and discovery phase to provide validation and proof of concept. Based on test user feedback, we made major adjustments from the discovery phase to implementing third parties, and soon the demo version was in stores.

Subsequently, our team proceeded as planned to the next stage with full-cycle agile development. Due to the application’s status as a fluid, ongoing project with many crucial parts, our team is constantly monitoring forward progress of key deliverables, including Administration and Trading features that are still in development.

Although we have numerous challenges ahead of us, Cleevio is excited about the future direction of this project, and delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

  • Audience Strategy
  • Research
  • User Testing
  • Technical Strategy
  • DevOps
  • Systems Architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Writing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • UX/UI design
  • Digital guidelines


Erase your carbon footprint with a single click.

Create a virtual currency CO2IN, which is covered by EU.

Calculate your carbon footprint and buy exactly the amount of CO2INs to delete it.

The Comprehensive
Solution Driven By Cleevio

Blockchain Technology Integration

Scalable BE solution which allows seamless trading options with CO2IN among all users and payment transactions. The team at Cleevio created a unique solution to peg the CO2IN currency to the EU Emissions Allowances using a fixed conversion exchange rate, andimplemented support for blockchain technology in order to ensure each transaction is confidential and secure.

Customised User-Friendly Interface

Scalable custom-designed administration features allow CO2IN employees to comfortably manage the CO2IN ecosystem and its users, including a custom-designed trading panel for CO2IN traders.

Minimalistic Appeal
For All Users

The app allows its users to calculate their own carbon footprint easily. There is an option to send CO2IN to your friends and businesses, and to invite others to join the application and get app rewards.

The result

Pure minimalistic design with a lot of interesting and practical features. The app allows users to calculate their own carbon footprint with accuracy. There is an option to send CO2IN to your friends, or invite friends to the application and get rewards.

Along with financial operations, the BE team and Project manager have devised a unique system to ensure that CO2INs are covered by EU Emission Allowances at a given conversion rate.

We have made security a top priority and implemented the ability to use blockchain technology to secure transactions, as one of the essential parts of product development. Using a blockchain, we will be able to properly verify and sign transactions, giving users confidence that their payments and personal information are completely protected.


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