A great experience for moviegoers

This app concept optimizes the cinema experience. Purchasing tickets and selecting seats is easier than ever with user-tested UI. The app also keeps you updated with regular cinematic news, inspiration, and headlines. It also carries your powerful gamified club card in a digital wallet so you never miss out on those loyalty points.

Planning & Strategy
  • Concept
  • MVP definition
  • Idea validation
  • Prototyping
  • UX design
  • Visual design


Create a rich and seamless user experience - no more waiting in lines! The app solves the user's problem in the simplest way possible and gives him a more personalized experience. The app flow was tested and iterated with help from a diverse focus group of 20 REAL people.

Automated Salesman - The app contains multiple automatic sales mechanisms, encouraging regular cinema visits and ticket purchases using special discounts, a gamified layer with loyalty points, and a news feed integrating marketing initiatives as native advertisements.

Unique Solutions

Inspired, personalized

It’s your feed! Posts suited to your unique taste, consisting of movie tips, cinema related news, upcoming movies and more related content.

Broadcasted movies

All the screenings at your nearby cinema are shown by default. Have you found a movie you want to watch with friends on a weekday? Use the app’s accessible calendar to set a date and save precious time and energy.

a lot more points!

Do you have a membership (digital) card? Great! So make the most of those benefits with the app! Every movie you watch at the cinema automatically collects you points, the more points, the higher your level, the higher your level, the more discounts!

Get your
tickets quickly

In 3 simple steps: Select the right date, choose the number of tickets, and pick the best seats! In case you don’t want to pick them yourself – an algorithm will do it for you.



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