The First Truly Autonomous Home Security for Everyone.

Angee is a smart home security system, delivered to you as a cloud managed service, changing the way people protect and connect totheir homes. We designed and prepare successful Kickstarted campaign at the beginning of the project. Working closely with the talented Angee team, we collaborated on the hardware design, built the mobile and web applications, and integrated the device with wearables to deliver an unbeatable user experience.

Angee is part of a new wave of solutions which have been appearing on the market. They are based on intelligent data management and smart hardware.
Tomáš Turek
Angee CEO
Planning & Strategy
  • Concept
  • MVP Definition
  • Idea validation
  • iOS
  • Android
Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Functionality testing
  • Manual and automated tests
  • Prototyping
  • UX design
  • Visual design
  • Kickstarter Campaign design


Angee was built to evolve into something more than a security system. It's become a voice-controlled master device, giving your home eyes, ears, and a brain. People rely on Angee to protect their homes, connect to their smart devices, and help manage their lives.

Did you know that every 13 seconds, a home is broken into in the United States? In fact, 41% of burglaries happen when a system isn’t armed. Angee set out to solve this problem.

Unique Solutions

Arrive home.
No hands needed

Angee detects your phone when you arrive home and will automatically activate privacy mode. Angee will disarm and turn to face the wall.

Your Home
in Your Pocket

Whether at work or on vacation, you want peace of mind. The Angee app makes it easy to stay connected to what’s happening at home. The onboarding process is as simple and seamless.

Home Feed

Angee’s rolling activity feed keeps you informed of arrivals and departures, along with a history of alarm events.

Real-Time Alerts

When armed, Angee will keep you updated in real time should any unexpected visitors or motion be detected.

Alarm Events

Alarm videos are captured and uploaded securely to the cloud for your review. Keep any unresolved alarm videos for as long as you like.

Record Moments

See what's happening at home in real time and capture precious moments of your pets or kids.

Security Evidence

All security footage is stored securely in the cloud. Easily share with local authorities and help bring criminals to justice.


Angee has been incredibly well-received, both critically and commercially. Angee has been endorsed by security experts and featured by Kickstarter. Consumers embraced Angee, with early adopters raising over $500,000 for Angee in under two months.


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