Java Developer

Prague, Brno, Full time

I want to be your JAVA Developer
Job description

We're looking for someone who wants to help us our project grows in the backend team. 

We are focused on microservice architecture, new technologies, and the high quality of our development. Do you want to learn something a bring new energy to our backend team? Ok, go ahead and do not hesitate to send us your CV!

Basic requirements:
  • Languages: Java 11, 13, Kotlin
  • Frameworks & libraries: Spring, Hibernate
  • Architecture: MVC
  • Design patterns: Factory, Singleton
  • Database: MySQL 8, Postgre, MongoDB
  • Error tracking: Sentry
  • Logs: ELK, Monolog, Apache Log4j
  • CI / CD: Gitlab CI, Kubernetes
  • Containers: Docker
Good knowledge of:
  • knows Java8+ very well (we work with Java 11, 13 & Kotlin),
  • knows SQL (MySQL, Postgres),
  • has a good knowledge of the REST API and Spring boot framework,
  • is interested in working with RabbitMQ, Redis, ElasticSearch, and Docker,
  • knows GIT flow and welcomes regular code review,
  • is independent, but still a team player,
  • wants to work on projects with a focus on high-quality code,
  • wants to learn and grow.
Bonus Points: 
  • know AWS, Azure, NoSQL database, and 3rd parties API integration,
  • are used to write Unit tests,
  • have own projects,
  • have a technical education and knowledge of algorithms,
  • fall in love with our villa in Prague or Brno.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has the freedom to thrive while being taken care of.

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