Frontend Developer

Prague, Brno, Full time

I want to be your Frontend Developer

We're looking for someone who wants to help us our project grows in the frontend team. 

We are focused on new technologies, and the high quality of our development. Do you want to learn something a bring new energy to our frontend team? Ok, go ahead and do not hesitate to send us your CV!

Good knowledge of:
  • knows HTML5, CSS3, JS, LESS/SASS very well,
  • knows React, SWR, NextJS, CSS-in-JS / styled-components,
  • has a touch for UI/UX,
  • has a good knowledge of the REST API,
  • knows the basics of Framer Motion, GraphQL,
  • knows GIT flow and code review,
  • is independent, but still a team player,
  • wants to work on projects with a focus on high-quality code,
  • wants to learn and grow.
Bonus Points:
  • have an overlap to backend and know Serverless on AWS/Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, and database,
  • have experience with integration with Stripe, DocuSign or Twilio,
  • know the basics of testing,
  • have own projects,
  • have a technical education and knowledge of algorithms,
  • fall in love with our villa in Prague or our new office in the center of Brno.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has the freedom to thrive while being taken care of.

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