React Native has been around for already 5 years. This framework made it possible to create native Android and iOS applications using React and also started a war between native (Swift/Kotlin) and React Native developers.

For the business and product owners, it represents an interesting opportunity for unifying the development teams, improving their velocity, and lowering the costs. In the beginning, we saw React Native to be used mainly by startups to build their MVPs or easy one-screen apps. However, as time passes by we can see more and more mature and robust apps using React Native.

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During my own research, I noticed that It's not an easy task to find examples of React Native Apps so you can see their quality and get an idea of what's possible. So at Cleevio, we created a list of top apps built with react native in 2020. Feel free to email us at with other good examples of apps built with react native.

The list of Apps Built With React Native:


Artsy is the largest online art marketplace with more than 1 million artworks by over 100,000 artists. It allows to bid in live auctions and sell works from the user's collection. (source)


(iOS and Android)
Count calories and nutrients just by taking a picture. Bitesnap recognizes the foods in your meals. It makes it simple to build healthy eating habits. (sourcemore)


(iOS and Android)
Bunch is a gaming social network that allows people to group video chat while playing mobile games. (sourcemore)


Global business, stock market and finance news in one app. (source)


(iOS and Android)
Simple language learning app for building vocabulary and practicing the right pronunciation. (more about cakesource)


The personal safety app that allows users to pick the person who will be notified if the user feels unsafe or keep track of friends who are out together. (more about ChaperHomeSource)

Coinbase Pro

(iOS and Android)
The app built for advanced crypto traders with all necessary info and tools to trade on the go. (source)


(iOS and Android)
Crisp is the first app-only online supermarket in The Netherlands that delivers quality food straight from the source. (more about Crispsource)

Platform that enables users to order from local restaurants and stores for on-demand delivery. One million users and an online marketplace of more than 12,000 businesses. (moresource)


(iOSmacOS and Android)
All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. (source)


Personal financial management tool. (source)


A popular face swap app which let you add yourself to your favourite GIFs. (Source)


(iOS and Android)
A wellness aggregator app with aim to improve a corporate wellness. (source)


(iOS and Android)
Helpr redefines social care industry. it provides the highest quality care, in the comfort of your own home, at an affordable price. (more about Helprsource)


(iOS and Android)
Since 2016 Instagram is experimenting with React Native to improve their development velocity. (source)


(iOS and Android)
Knowt helps to learn faster by using AI and machine learning to automatically generating quizzes from your notes. (sourcemore)


(iOS and Android)
Maphi makes understanding math easier. You can touch, swipe, and drag mathematical expressions to find solutions to challenging mathematical problems. (sourcemore)


(iOS and Android)
Myntra is one of India’s biggest and most popular E-Commerce and online fashion store apps. (source)

Office 356 Apps

As AppFigures informed recently, Microsoft is in love with React Native and most of its Office apps has been rewritten using React Native. (Source)


(iOS and Android)
Oval offers an app for financial coaching and planning that helps people save according to their rules. (moresource)


(iOS and Android)
Pinterest enables you to search for inspirational images, regardless of whether you’re structuring a home or looking for inspirational thoughts.(source)


(iOS and Android)
With Saffron, you can organize your recipes into beautiful cookbooks — all kept private, until you’re ready to share. (sourcemore)


Business intelligence and analytics platform. (source)

School Assistant

(iOS and macOS)
Simple app for students which helps you to log homework, keep track of tests and more. (more about School Assistant, source)


(iOS and Android)
Shine’s focus is on personal growth, motivational messaging and other self-improvement topics, which are delivered by way of text and audio. (more about Shinesource)

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is an application for creators that helps them manage their accounts and engage with their community. (source)


(iOS and Android)

Personal financial management app that lets you manage all your money with ease from one place. Spendee has more than 3 million downloads and it was developed and maintained by Cleevio from idea to its early growth. To learn more about how we did it you can check out our case study.

At Cleevio, we've developed over 120 apps in the past 10 years. So if you wonder about building a digital product with react native, feel free to schedule a call, we happy to offer you some advice for free.


(iOS and Android)
Stillwhite is the largest global marketplace for preowned, used and second hand wedding dresses. (source)


(iOS and Android)
StreetCred is a map based mobile game where you compete to map your city. (more about StreetCredsource)


(iOS and Android)
Tesla React Native app is designed as a companion app for users of branded electric vehicles or Powerwall. (source)


A travel guide that connects the visitors/tourists with the locals, so as to get a list of their favorite places. (source)


The Vogue Magazine app presents you with the most recent news in design, runways, superstar style, weddings, nourishment, travel, and more. (source)


Walmart app enables you to get a huge number of things delivered in a short time. You can also use it to pay at the store rapidly and securely with Walmart Pay. (source)


(iOS and Android)
Why is a real-time translation app for travelers and hospitality and travel businesses, such as hotels and airports? (source)


Wix is a professional web design and development service. The app which serves as a building tool offers a whole lot of customization options. (source)

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