We're taking a look back at some of the best interviews from our first 5 months as a podcast and counting down top 3 most uploaded episodes.

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Top 3 episodes of the Digital Innovation Chat:


3: Jason Kirton - Building Uber for Delivering Packages at Dispatch

In this episode, Jan interviews Jason Kirton, a Director of Engineering at Dispatch, which is a scale-up that enables businesses to order a courier directly from the driver.

Jason and Jan discussed why Jason joined Dispatch, how he thinks about outsourcing software development and organizing his teams in a scale-up mode, and how did COVID-19 impacts their industry.


2: AJ 'Dr. Doom' Shewki: How is VR going to change the world

In this episode, Jan interviews AJ 'Dr. Doom' Shewki who's the founder of a VR startup LIV, a Prague-based company that wants to make VR gaming more fun to watch, and in turn bring players and spectators closer together.

They discussed how is VR going to change the world after the coronavirus crisis, how can companies utilize VR for employee training, and what's the future of VR.



1: Daniel Mackey - Bootstrapping Teamwork.com to $30M ARR

This time, Jan interviews Daniel Mackey who's the founder and CTO of Teamwork.com, which is a collaboration software that includes work management, helpdesk, chat, sales CRM and content collaboration workspace.

They discuss how Daniel bootstrapped a $30M ARR business as a small agency owner from Cork. You're also going to learn why Daniel spent 500K euros on a domain teamwork.com, how he organizes his 125 engineers across 5 offices globally and what is the future for Teamwork.com

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