Ezequiel Cura - Redefining urban housing with Badi

1 year ago / 23 mins
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Ezequiel Cura - Redefining urban housing with Badi

Ezequiel Cura is a VP of Engineering at Badi which is redefining urban housing in cities such as London, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin through its AI-powered online booking platform, that provides users with a seamless and secure room rental experience.

Since it launched, Badi has succeeded in raising $45 million with five rounds of financing, and together with Ezequiel we’re going to chat about the impact of the COVID-19 on their market, what are his best practices when it comes to hiring the best engineering talent, and why is he a fan of in-house engineering teams vs outsourcing.

Favorite book - Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

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1 year ago

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